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Indian dance jewelry
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About Indian dance jewelry: is a reliable, safe online shopping store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the U.S. and Overseas. Here is a snapshot of some of the dance jewelry we have in our online store. As mentioned, we have one gram gold jewelry, fresh water pearl jewelry, belly dance jewelry and and antique jewelry in our store. Please visit for more prducts. We recently introduced arangetram collection dance costumes. We use Dharmavaram saree to stitch these high quality costumes as per your measurements. This real silk saree dress is offered at a price of $220.00 which a real big deal in USA and other parts of the world. You can select the saree color from our website. Because this dance costumes are stitched in India, it may take about 4 ~ 6 weeks to deliver them to your doorsteps. So we highly recommend you to order atleast 2 months in advance.
Address: 275 Medical Dr #3587 Carmel, IN -46082
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