Dharma bee
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🌸 Dharma Bee
Know your Dharma in 8 weeks of fun and learning!

► What is it?
Dharma Bee is a contest for children on Hindu Heritage. This contest is being organized in order to encourage children in USA to learn about Hindu Heritage in a fun contest at local level.

Children in grades Kindergarten to 8th are eligible to participate. 

►Theme and Topics
This year's theme is "Discover your Hindu Heritage". So we will focus on some of the basic aspects of Hindu Dharma.

Here is the list of topics
● Introduction to Hindu Dharma
● Concept of God/Gods and Goddesses
● Pooja and Festivals
● Symbols and Scriptures
● Yoga
● Basic beliefs/concepts in Hindu Dharma
● Hindu Values
● Hindu Dharma around the world

► How to Register?
Fee: $15 for 8 sessions. (Includes study material)

► When and Where
200 N. Green St, Brownsburg, IN, 46112 (Bundy Lodge)
During weekly Avon shakha, every Sat at 4.30pm starting Feb 8th.

► Other locations nearby:
Carmel | Fishers | Greenwood | Columbus
FROM : 2020-02-08 to Till : 2020-03-28
Venue Address :
200 N. Green St, Brownsburg, IN, 46112

Phone : 317-350-3016

Email : manojpwagh@gmail.com

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/HSSAvon/